WeGift's Approach to Training for & Development

At WeGift, we believe that personal and professional development should be employee led, manager guided and WeGift supported. By this we mean, employees should take ownership of the skills they want to develop while in their role at WeGift.

Your development should be a continuous conversation with your manager and your manager should be equipped to help you identify and build on new or existing skills so you can master your craft (which is one of values, see here: Culture & Values at WeGift).


How we honour our commitment to your development

1. Annual Learning & Development Budget

Every employee has a £1,000 Learning and Development allowance which refreshes annually in January. Our only ask that you use the WeGift budget in a way that levels you up in your specific role at WeGift. If you're unsure, speak to your manager or the People team.

Some ideas 💡

In the past we have had colleagues complete CIMA qualifications, ACCA qualifications and the CIPD qualification.


How to Claim 🤑

Speak to your manager about how you plan to use your L&D budget. Then contact the People Team who will action next steps on how to claim (we will either ask you expense the cost or the Company will pay directly).

2. Paid Time Off for Training & Development 📚

We appreciate that developing a skill or learning a new one takes time and effort, particularly when it has to be done outside of your normal work schedule.

WeGift's Study Leave policy:

3. Protected Learning Hour 🕰

We encourage you to speak to your manager about implementing a protected learning hour into your calendar. This could be monthly or weekly depending on how much time you want to dedicate to independent learning. This is not a minimum or maximum, just an encouragement to go ahead and block the time to prioritise learning regularly even when you're busy!

4. Graduate and Entry-Level Hiring 🎓

WeGift offers opportunities for entry-level trainees. We operate an entry-level programme in our marketing, operations, product, and people departments. Trainees have successfully transitioned into full-time, permanent employee roles where we continue to support and develop their growth. As a business, we are committed to hiring graduates and non-graduates into entry-level roles, and to create opportunities for candidates with talent who seek to acquire the skills and experience required in their field.