<aside> 👉 Review common Traction Channels & Tactics in the first table. Then score them on a scale of 1-10 with the Prioritizer table.

Ability: How proficient are you in this channel/media?

Cost: How costly is this channel, per acquisition?

Reach: How good is this channel at generating impressions?

Half-life: How long does each product of effort last? (e.g. An SEO article survives far longer than a Tweet)

Impact: How potent is this channel per impression? i.e. How effective is it at converting impressions to actions?

Timeline: Over what period should you expect results?

Score: A sum of the individual score ratings (Cost is a negative).


<aside> 🎯 Next, you can apply the Bullseye Framework to identify your Top 3 (’What’s Working’), Next 6 (’What’s Probable’), and the rest (’What’s Possible’).


Traction Channels [Component]


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