It might seem like a burden, but tracking time correctly builds trust between you and the client. It results in overall less admin so you can focus on doing your best work.

To track time, select each task you worked on, then use the [+] button in the Chat:

How often should I track time?

We suggest you track time at least once a day on the days you work.

If I’m not done with a task, should I still track time?

Absolutely! We believe that people are compensated for time, not completed tasks or deliverables. If you’re partially done with a task but finished for the day, you should still track the time spent.

Do I really need to track time to the minute?

Believe it or not, tracking time precisely genuinely helps us build trust with our clients. If a client sees entries to the nearest hour, or even 15/30 minutes, it’s easy to start thinking about how time is being rounded, and if a customer is really getting the work they paid for. Tracking actual time worked is a great way to build extra trust with clients. Imagine you were working with someone and they tracked 1h 07m vs 1h 00m. Which looks more realistic to you?

Why should I track time every day?