<aside> 📝 The data on this page is updated once every six hours — so if you have just put something out and you don't see it here immediately, please don't panic! It should* show up soon.


*But if you did put something out and it's not up even after, say, 24 hours, please let me know.

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The Tweets


What was this about again?

You can find the original announcement here and more specifics clarifying the format (or the lack of it) here. Here's the short version:

<aside> 📝 If you'd like to participate you can sign up below; and if you'd like to help, please encourage everyone participating by checking out the tweets coming in above!


Psst. It's quite fine to sign up even if you're reading this after the 27th of September. The automated tracking exercise here will stop after the 30th of October, so you can be a part of this by just contributing in this window. It certainly does't have to be daily and it doesn't have to be 30 things, although I found those to be useful default targets to work with for myself.

Sign up!

While you can participate simply by using #exportober in your tweets, it'll be great if you could explicitly enter your Twitter username in the form below, so we can check in on each other! 🤝

While I'm not going to write a Twitter bot that will send you daily reminders over DM, I do hope to create a separate page for each registered participant at the end of the challenge that shows off just their entries in one place, so it's helpful to know who you are 😀