Laurent Bossavit


My LinkedIn profile offers a broad overview of my career: more substantive insight into my interests, some of my talks and topics are available on the Web. (I am, however, not the type of person who has a web site pulling together all of their publications, talks, and so on…) Here is a representative one that has speaker notes…

This Miro mindmap (possibly incomplete, possibly somewhat biased) provides a tour of my "toolbox" of competencies (created for the purpose of sharing with my colleagues at CodeWorks).

More focused work samples:

Christophe Thibaut


I help people solving complex problems together.

I have been passing on insights into the practice of TDD ever since I’ve learned it back in 2000. In the last 20 years I have designed and given several training courses on the practice of TDD in different contexts (greenfield projects, core domain, legacy apps) in many programming languages (Java, C#, C, C++, js, ruby, python, haskell) .

Using the Test First build pattern in addition with User Story and Short Feedback Loops interaction patterns, I have participated in, led or trained many agile software development projects in areas such as banking, insurance, e-commerce, electricity distribution, industrial gases.

I trained hundreds of customer and internal teams in TDD, initiated and led a transition to a "crafters" state of art in my company that includes TDD, BDD, Code Design, Software Architecture, Communication, Feedback and Technical Leader mentoring. For the last ten years I have been focusing on helping customers with strategies to make "legacy" software a viable and workable asset again. These strategies invariably involve technical, organizational, team communication and problem solving skills at different levels : developers, technical leaders, managers and customer reps and sponsors.


Specific capabilities that we are able to deploy include (but are not limited to) the following. Please do not assume this is a complete list, we encourage you to ask « Do you know <specific technique> » or « Can you help with <specific problem> ». In return we pledge to be clear if we don’t know or have superficial knowledge.