Table of contents:

Getting started

Once you finally decide you want to be involved with the town aspects of the server, follow these easy steps into creating or joining a town. Please note in order to join an already existing town, you need to be invited.

/t - Opens Town GUI.

/t create [name] - Create a town with a name up to 8 characters.

/t rename [name] - Renames your town.

/t disband - Disbands town. Cannot be undone.

/t leave - Leave town.

/t chat - Toggle in and out of town chat.

/t chat [message] - To type in town chat without toggling.

@[message] - To type in town chat without toggling.

/tptoggle - Toggle the access for town members to instant teleport to you.

/tp [town member] - Instant teleport to town members if toggled on.

<aside> 💬 When you are speaking in town chat, a 💬 will appear next to your town name on the scoreboard to the right.


Town land

When creating a town you have access to extra claims, owned by the whole town. Town claims all need to be connected. The town mayor has access to a town permissions menu, /t perms, where they can assign specific groups to specific permissions within their town.