There are lots of different tools for producing writing. Word processors, such as Word, Pages, Google Docs and LibreOffice Writer are student favorites.

Plain Text Editors: Other tools allow students to write in plain text format ⤵️ for posting in their college HE-CMS without formatting. These writing programs are called plain text editors, and you computer likely came with one. TextEdit is standard on Macs, Notepad is standard on Windows computers. Chromebooks use Google Docs by default of text.

Checking tools: A variety of programs "check" your writing for spelling, grammar, and usage. None of these programs are as good as a human, so showing your work to someone else is the best option. Grammarly is one popular option for checking writing on the web, but be aware there are privacy issues with using it. Other options for checking software can be found below.


What is plain text? -- introduction by The Linux Information Project (LINFO)

A thorough explanation of plain text

Grammarly Alternatives and Similar Software -

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