I am sometimes using more computers at home at completely safe place and I do not want to automatically lock workstation neither for example RDP desktop. But unfortunately on many corporate devices you cannot change screensaver or lock settings, you want everything running same as you would be in front of computer but this could not be achieved.

Few years ago I worked with a colleague who showed me this utility nosleep.exe. It is actually great. It works on very simple principle that every minute it automatically move cursor one pixel left and after a millisecond one pixel right if you are doing nothing on computer. Besides that it disables all sleep functionality of computer, so e.g. laptop will still run when you are presenting.

I found it little useful.

Unfortunately original site is down. As far as I remember it was originally published as freeware on some personal site of Norton or Symantec employee. This site is now down. So I have decided I will host a mirror of this utility.

It stays in SysTray and you can always switch it off.

Disable Czech Qwertz and Programmer (US) Keyboard

Sometimes when you connect to remote machine or some settings got disturbed Czech QWERTZ and Programmer keyboard appears in the list and it is a headache to switch between 4 keyboards. I use only two keyboards layouts (US English and Czech Qwerty).

I have created a power shell script which removes unnecessary Czech keyboard layouts and keeps only qwerty, no other languages are affected. It is working by deleting registry keys and is just 3 lines of code.

Powershell script

Remove-Item "HKLM:\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Keyboard Layouts\\00000405" -Recurse Remove-Item "HKLM:\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Keyboard Layouts\\00020405" -Recurse Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Keyboard Layout" -Name IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout -Value 1 -Type DWord

Download -

Before you run a script you have to enable Powershell in Windows

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

You can restore keyboards by importing them using these registry again -