Spring Hooks

These tools make working with tiny springs easier – hooking and unhooking. There are many styles.

IBM Style Hook

On this type, the non-hooked end is very useful for pushing springs and a lot more. That eBay link is not the last word in that style of hook, so look around. Even check Amazon. Multi-packs can be notably cheaper per hook.

Captive Hook

That one has a little hook inside the hook that is spring loaded and will reach out, grab and hold onto your spring (or HINT: carriage return cord).

Screw Starters

Screw-starter tools are exceptionally handy. This is a very useful type:

HHJ Screw Holding Screwdriver sadly out of business; included for reference

This next style is not as helpful for normal use, but every once in a while you do have those large slotted screws that the smaller brass style cannot handle:

Sears Craftsman Screw Starter