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Variable list:

Company Name ${company+name}
Company Address ${company+address}
Owner ${owner}
site+additional+info ${site+additional+info}
site+additional+info+2 ${site+additional+info+2}
site+additional+info+3 ${site+additional+info+3}
site+additional+info+4 ${site+additional+info+4}
site+additional+info+5 ${site+additional+info+5}
site+address+line+1 ${site+address+line+1}
site+address+line+2 ${site+address+line+2}
site+description ${site+description}
Name+of+the+project ${name+of+the+project}
Number+of+the+project ${number+of+the+project}
sender+email ${sender+email}
shared+link ${shared+link}
report+creator+email ${report+creator+email}
report+creator+name ${report+creator+name}
report+unique+index ${report+unique+index}
report+date ${report+date}
report+year ${report+year}
report+day ${report+day}
report+month ${report+month}
report+number ${report+number}
report+time ${report+time}
sender+email ${sender+email}
page ${page}
topage ${topage}
Page+end ${page+end}

Document label variables:

<aside> ℹ️ These work the same way as the variables we have above, but these are defined in the account itself in the “Document label” tab.


{# document_label_name #}