For the month of May and June 2021, I am going to teach 11 mobility classes online.

My dream is to be able to move my body freely even when I am 89. And I hope I can help you towards this.

Each Toolbox Practice class will integrate daily body movements and traditional yoga postures in a sustainable way. I am interested in creating new ways to move. I offer functional yoga asanas that actively build strength and body mobility. Through range conditioning techniques, joint exercises and yoga postures (asana), we will explore new ways to tap into physical body awareness and the new possibilities within.

For this series I've teamed up with an LA-based woodworker and if you enroll for all 11 classes, you will receive a pair of handmade wooden yoga blocks, market value at $50. Contact me for sliding scale options. All classes will be 75 min long via Zoom.

And, I will be donating 41% of the profit to Khaana Chahiye (translates in English “we need food”), an organization located in Mumbai, India that ensures the most vulnerable have access to food. They provide immediate relief to the most in need in India during their ongoing Covid crisis. Enrollment will close on 5/9 Mother’s day, and the donation payment will be made on 5/10. Drop-in will be optional after the series begins, but it’s preferred if you enroll in advance. Gifting is optional too, so please email me!

Why Toolbox?

Every household needs a “toolbox” not necessarily to repair something, but to maintain it. Your body is your home. I named this program Toolbox Practice because I want you to create your own toolbox to maintain your healthy joints and body and to “upgrade” your wellness routine with longevity in mind. Maybe you already have tools in your box. Let’s refine it. Let’s sharpen your tools and make them more efficient. Remember, good and well-invested toolboxes last a long time. Also, I am a virgo who likes useful things and who loves a good toolbox.

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