Aha is a Proof-of-Knowledge network for students, educators, and parents. Knowledge miners that prove knowledge, either through learn-to-earn, answer questions, or create original content, will be rewarded with Aha tokens. The goal of the network is to reward actions that create knowledge for the community for oneself, or knowledge mining. Learn-to-earn is a form of knowledge mining.

The types of tokens in the Aha ecosystem are enumerated below.

  1. Aha governance tokens ($AHA)
  2. Aha in-game emojitokens (e.g. $BOO)
  3. Aha non-profit, affirmative action tokens ($AAA)

<aside> 🩸 Aha’s in-game tokens will be of finite supply.


More information about each token can be found in child pages.

Figure 29 - Learn-to-Earn Tokens

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.49.58 AM.png

Governance Tokens ($AHA)

In-Game Emojitokens (i.e. $BOO)

Non-Profit, Affirmative Action Token ($AAA)