Cambrian Protocol is launching as a decentralized initiative with crypto-economic incentives to align the many facets of our community. Our current plans are reflected here and while some details are yet to be settled, we expect not to stray far from these contents.

The initial supply of our native token, $WRK, will be distributed by a combination airdrop and public sale. A small minority share of tokens are allocated to early investors. An additional amount is withheld for bestowing grants and future sale.

Cambrian Protocol collects fees into a treasury when our native Solver dapps are used. WRK is then minted and distributed to:

Anybody can burn their WRK to withdraw non-WRK treasury assets.

Eligible tokens for paying Protocol fees will initially be whitelisted by Cambrian Protocol's core team to prevent diluting the treasury with dubious assets. Management of this whitelist will later be handed off to Cambrian DAO.

Solvers registered with the Cambrian marketplace are registered with a list of beneficial contributors; Typically, but not limited to, its developer(s). These contributors receive approximately 50% of the total protocol fee.

The remaining 50% is allocated to community Stakers (which may include the registered contributors again) who have signaled support for the Solver by locking WRK against it. The allocation is calculated as a function of the size of the stake and the elapsed time for which it has been locked.

Community members can thus reinvest their WRK to capture a larger share of future fees, or burn it to realize their earnings in treasury assets.