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DALL·E 2022-11-04 13.26.38 - a boy with tokenized superpowers, illustrated by yoneyama mai, trending on art station.png

I don't want decentralized web apps. I want tokenized superpowers.

Somebody build clairvoyance as a service. Or make a non-fungible invisibility cloak.

Give me Real Actual Magic or go home and fly a kite.

Jobs was a magician. Did yoga, went to India. Gifted a book about Indian wizards to everyone at Apple. Made a real magic wand so you could watch teens dance on TikTok.

A muggle on the streets of Hyderbad casting spells with your old iPhone. Imagine that.

Free ideas: Teleport me to Jericho. Put my meatsack through the Wailing Wall. Pick my fine ass up in Paris and lay it down in Tokyo. With your mind. I demand Professor Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters-level freaky deaky telepathy.

I'm not comparing myself to Jobs. But we do have some things in common. He wore Issey. I read Yogananda. This version of the Gita led me to Ethereum.

We also named our companies after food.

More free ideas: Provably neutral systems for benevolent state-level mind control. L2 astral projection bridges. Allow lists for token-curated baptisms. Token-gated chastity belts. Zero-knowledge concubines. Interchain omnipresence. ENM DAO.

Spread the decentralized gospel. I want to be fucking everywhere.

That's where the similarities between us end. Stevie preferred hardware. Bad with people. Made us more digital. Married his college sweetheart. Wore the same turtleneck every day.

I'm kind of the opposite. More meta. A luddite when it comes to hardware. Prefer analog. Bad with women. Think I overdid it with the pleats.

And yeah, wands are cool but have you ever built a wizard factory?


Our values: plurality, sustainability, systems-thinking, mindfulness, persistence, self-sovereignty

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