<aside> 🤖 Summary by Notion AI TokenLogic will focus on two key pillars supporting the success of Aave Protocol: supporting the adoption of GHO and migration of liquidity from Aave Polygon v2 to v3. Success will be measured by the adoption of GHO and the migration of liquidity, and TokenLogic plans to initiate new pools, grow on-chain liquidity, and update various risk parameters across the two deployments to enhance the v3 user experience. They will publish Temp Check proposals for community review and supporting payloads to implement changes in production.


TokenLogic Delegate Platform

Delegate Initiative


Over the next 90 days, during the Butter Incentivised Delegation Campaign, TokenLogic will be focusing on contributing to two key pillars supporting the ongoing success of Aave Protocol. Two timely areas of focus are supporting the adoption of GHO and migration of liquidity from Aave Polygon v2 to v3.


I am thrilled to announce that Aave is to become the primary delegation platform for TokenLogic. TokenLogic is a newly formed independent voting delegate focused on supporting the growth and adoption of decentralisation communities through governance participation.

As the founder, @MatthewGraham, I have been actively contributing to Aave since May 2021. I led the Aave team at Llama from receipt of the first grant in mid-2021, and by late 2022, Llama transitioned into a service provider where I am currently managing the Llama <> Aave program.

TokenLogic will act purely independently and will cast all votes with Aave’s best interest front of mind and without outside influence. As a delegate, TokenLogic commits to dedicating time and resources to supporting Aave’s development and growth whilst maintaining complete independence from Llama’s voting process. We are actively scoping out our front end where we intend to provide details about TokenLogic and our voting history within the Aave ecosystem.

Why TokenLogic

At TokenLogic we believe in helping communities grow and develop progressive governance ecosystems. Our delegate platform is intended to serve as an independent voting voice within the thriving Aave ecosystem.

As the Aave ecosystem grows and matures, the protocol benefits from delegation diversity with independent visions and value propositions.

Members of TokenLogic are deeply integrated into the Aave ecosystem. The below highlights some of their ongoing contributions to the Aave ecosystem:


At TokenLogic we believe in being open, building trust through collaboration and realising possibilities together as a team. Our values are at the centre of everything we do. They shape how we act with each other, and our partners and help us to achieve our vision of helping communities realise their full potential.

Our foundational beliefs reflect our values: