The Token Sales page allows users to check out hundreds of new projects preparing for release. You can also find a direct link to websites, social networks, tokens of CMC or CoinGecko, the platforms, the initial price of tokens, etc.

This is a great opportunity to take part in IDO, ICO, STO and IEO, as well as learn all the important details about a project. The status will tell you what phase the new token is in.

You can go to the oken page on a specific exchange to purchase an asset. To do this, just click on the name of the exchange in the Platform column.

The data in Amount USD - the amount of money that the creators of the project plan to attract for development. This data allows users to partially understand the global nature of the project and the developers' ambitions.

It is worth paying attention to the information in the blockchain column because such networks as Polka and BSC are now gaining immense popularity.

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