If you’re building a web3 community, you can “gate” access to rooms in your home based on members’ token holdings.

Token Gated Rooms on Geneva.mp4

You can read more about our ongoing plans for layering web3 tools onto Geneva here.


As the leader of a home on Geneva, you can use Token Gating to grant certain people access to a room or set of rooms based on whether or not they hold certain cryptocurrency (tokens). This is similar to what the the collab.land bot allows you to do in Discord, but is natively build and much more seamless.

As the leader of a group you can…

Here’s an example:

tokens _ groups _ room access (2).png

In the future, we plan to expand the functionality of Token Groups to support things like mentioning a Token Group, providing permissions to a Token Group, and badging and flair to indicate that someone is part of a Token Group.