How can I join?

We’re currently in Pre-Season with a group of founding members. If you align with our #manifesto and want to reimagine what growth looks like, we’ll be inviting new members in again for our Season 1. You can apply-for-season-1 waitlist here.

How much $PRTN will be required for Season 1?

Over the pre-season we'll be working with our founding members and forming a membership committee to explore models of access in line with good growth. Therefore the amount of $PRTN needed is yet to be defined, as well as whether we what other tools we can use.

Can I buy $PRTN?

You currently cannot buy $PRTN on any marketplaces or coin exchanges. $PRTN will initially only be given to new members for entry to the Protein Community after a successful application. You can see the $PRTN on etherscan here

The $PRTN Contract address is 0xfec2fa7edd428171103e8f81911af5be9d31eeba

What will $PRTN be used for? $PRTN will be used by the community to supercharge collaboration, conversation and governance. It is a utility token and its first utility will be used for access to the Protein Community. The full extent of the $PRTN token is to be defined by the community within the pre-season––focusing on reimagining the relationships amongst brands, creators, and communities.

What's the total supply of $PRTN?

There are 100,000,000 $PRTN with a fixed supply. For the initial token launch, $PRTN will be held in a Gnosis Safe (Ethereum-based digital assets manager) with a 4/7 multi-signature (requiring at least four authorized team members to confirm transactions).

Who currently holds the $PRTN token?

70% is held in the Protein Community treasury. We're committed to the $PRTN holders being a diverse mix of crypto and non-crypto native members, awesome collaborators and partners, old friends of Protein, new Web3 friends and the core team. You can see the breakdown below.

Protein Distribution v02.001.jpeg

What are the vesting and unlock periods for team and advisors?

All token holders other than the 'Founding Members' have a 2 year vesting period with a 6 month unlock. The Core Team are committed to facilitating the mission and vision of the Protein Community

Got more questions?

Reach out to any of the team, or drop a note in Discord!