"A founder in need is a founder indeed" is the spin that Together Fund gave to the famous proverb. The $85 million venture capital fund is founded by Girish, Manav, Shubham and Avinash, big-shots in their own fields. Cope hitched with them to create a website for them, that was as welcoming and prominent as the founders and the organization.

Together Fund

Industry: Venture Capital

Location: Bangalore

Key Outcome 1

Built a website that is a mixture of warm but serious tone

Key Outcome 2

Enhance a brand visual language that was already set

The Challenge

Have you ever come across confusing people? Hot and cold, mixed get the flow. That exactly was what we did NOT want the website to be. The brand needed to show that they are warm and friendly but they mean business. These were not people who were looking to chit-chat but rather have productive conversations and build a community that will serve a purpose.

The Approach

The Solution

To be able to sketch a personality to a brand, we first needed to understand if the brand in itself was a person, who is this brand going to be?

The archetype that was assumed was

70% The Everyman

15% Creator

15% Sage