Here are few things we really want to do in the next few years. Since we’re bootstrapped, all of this depends on revenues we make into the company with our products and services. - Sponsor an International Vacation every year for you and your spouse. - Pay for a fully furnished home in any city of the world where you want to live. - Help you immigrate to anywhere in the world. - Pay for travel expenses when attending conferences abroad. - Buy an e-reader for every employee. - Buy work equipment for every employee. Be it laptops, workstations, monitors, keyboard or more. - Books : Pay for 24 books/year. - Food: Pay for one meal / day. - Pay for coworking space near you. - Education : Pay for your kids education. - Club & Gym memberships : We care for your health. - Sponsor an international company trip where all of us can meet. - 4 day work weeks instead of 5. - Pay everyone well so they can live in any city in the world.