Hey there, Dungeon Master! We know you're out there. You may have encountered lots of wikis and pages that contain humongous bunks of homebrew that is often way too strong and definitely not okay to add to your table.

On this wiki, we strive to be different. We will selectively add homebrew content that we are certain won't break your game, and gets updated often enough based on our and your feedback.

We want to be the homebrew page you love to use.

Everyone hates to see their players come up with some wacky Destroyer of Gods Half-Aboleth Warlord that you need to have a talk with because their idea is way out of control. We hate it too. That's why we're being really picky, and as you can see in the Waiting Room, we're looking at a lot of homebrew and pick very little. We do this so that you can feel comfortable with the homebrew we present.

We hate overpowered content

If we had to choose, we'd rather have our homebrew content be too weak than too strong. The player needs to have fun playing their content, but we want you to know that you don't need to worry about what your homebrew player will do next session. We want you to be sure that they'll be a badass every now and then, but that you don't need to constantly keep in mind that you have a permanently flying character. Because they won't find such content here.

So feel free to take a look around! We try not to publish too much homebrew content, so that you can scan through it if you'd prefer. Let us know what you think, we love feedback! You can submit your feedback on r/Noordstar or you can e-mail the owner at noordstar@bram.blmgroep.nl.

Let us know what you think about our homebrew content! The more it gets playtested, the better we can tweak the content and make it fit your world.

We are picky

As you can find in our rules how to submit content, we don't kindly accept any homebrew that gets sent our way, and add it to the pages. We have a picky selection process where we only pick the best of the best.

How to add your own homebrew

Don't believe us? Take a look at the Waiting Room, you'll see that we actively discuss and look at homebrew content before we add something - and most content doesn't get added.

Waiting Room

We only want the best of the best, and we encourage users to keep improving their content until we can add it to the website.

We love depth to our homebrew

Classes only get added if we believe that they're so fun that people will make for those subclasses as well. Spells mainly get added when we believe that people will like to use them for their homebrew content. We love homebrew, but our quality standards are at a level where we want people to homebrew off of our content to expand their multiverse.

Feel free to use any of the content that you find on these pages. We love to see you make your own homebrew based on the current homebrew!