<aside> ☀️ GENERAL Improve the overall feel of your resume.


  1. Focus. You have less than a minute to show why you're the best applicant. Hone into what's important about your background and skillset.
  2. Research, research, research. Your materials should be tailored specifically to the company you're applying for. It'll show that you took time to research, understand problems the company is tackling, and why you're a value-add.
  3. Keep your contact info professional. Avoid email addresses that you may have created when you were 10 or using school emails. Create a personal Gmail account instead.
  4. Don't include a headshot. This is an easy way to prevent being discriminated against in case someone is having a bad day. It happens, especially to those who belong to historically underrepresented communities.
  5. Always, always, always, have someone review your resume. If your friend in high school doesn't approve, chances are a hiring manager wouldn't, either. They might catch things that you may never notice.

<aside> 💼 WORK EXPERIENCE & COMMUNITY SERVICE Show your ability to solve problems and the impact you've made in previous roles.


  1. List previous jobs that are relevant to the role you're applying for. If you have no relevant experience, frame other responsibilities in a way that shows you're the best person for this role at this specific company. Think about transferrable skills.

  2. Back up your work responsibilities with numbers. While it's good to know what you did at previous jobs, what's more important is the impact that you made through what you were given. "I grew our Tiktok following by 800% in 6 months and weekly engagement by 300% week-over-week." is much better than "Managed company Tiktok channel." Quantify your achievements.

  3. Avoid overcomplicating or using too much jargon. Any number of people can look at your resume at different levels in the organization. You want to be powerfully concise and make sure anyone can get through your file with ease.

  4. Use action verbs, and check for grammar/spelling.

    Make sure that you're able to communicate all of the hard work that you've done in a clear and concise way. Just googling 'resume action verbs' and inserting them in descriptions can help a resume reader understand at a glance what kind of work you're doing.

<aside> 🏆 EDUCATION & AWARDS How does your education play into your 'story'?