How many cultures are fading out of our sight with the passage of time? How many things cannot be forgotten but now is a stranger? How many extinct splendors need to be pursued? How many cultures urgently need our care and retention? Chinese traditional culture has a long history, tracing the accumulation of these historical deposits, what you could expect to find is long gone.

With the continuous development of technology, some old buildings have been demolished, buildings with countless history, constantly sinking, falling into the wind is emitting endless historical sentimental aftertaste. Traditional culture is also among them. Tang poetry, Song lyrics, Yuanqu, they are an essential part of Chinese culture. The more you read into those, the more you know the rhythm, the more you feel that the talent of those ancient people is incomparable to our modern people. The sensibility and emotion in those words and calligraphy is something that only calligraphy can bring to us.

There is no doubt that calligraphy as an art form will continue to exist for a long time, but the cultural soul of calligraphy is wandering away, the core spirit of calligraphy has mostly disappeared, and what is often presented is a familiar shell. In the hands of many contemporary artists, calligraphy has been reduced to the most basic symbolic element of black and white composition in fine art, becoming purely decorative and decorative art.

That leads me to come up with this project of time dilation in Chinese culture, I would like to use a form of Chinese calligraphy and traditional ink painting as the visual effect of artistic expression to express the human’s perception of time dilation. With wabisabi as the project’s background content to sublimate the theme of the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic of wabisabi is described as one of appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature, I would like to use this internal meaning to express the need to love and accept the different stages of our own cultural. This spatial immersive project will combine time dilation with interactive animations and illusion to show how to keep time and possibly see how time passes in traditional Chinese culture.