🔑 As a remote company, we strive to go beyond work-life balance and create work-life harmony. Rather than flashy "unlimited" time off policies that often go underutilized (and are actually illegal in some states), Givebutter strives to provide all employees with paid time off benefits that are inclusive and holistic.

Time Off Requests

As a rule of thumb, notify your manager as soon as you know you will need to take time off. At a minimum, follow the notice periods below.

Once approved...

Paid Time Off

We have a shared calendar for company holidays and other events. Subscribe here!

🏝 Vacation Policy

All employees receive 15 days of paid vacation to start, which increases to 17 days after your second work anniversary, and 20 days after your fourth anniversary. Vacation days are accrued throughout the year every pay period. Employees can roll over unused days into the new year, but there is a cap of 20 days that can be held.

🤒 Sick Policy

All employees receive 10 days of sick leave per year. Reasons for using sick days may include: