Tilly brings together all your utility accounts to conveniently make payments, gain insight into your usage, and facilitate discovery to empower residents to save both energy and money.


Personal case study


15-weeks, Winter 2021


Primary research + user interviews, user experience +Β user interface design, visual design, brand design, motion design

My role

For my senior thesis, I was the sole researcher and designer. My final touchpoints included brand identity, app design, marketing, and a promotional video.

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πŸ“Œ Overview


It can be difficult to keep track of all your utility bills, no to mention having to log into each account to make that payment. How much am I spending each month too? How can I use my energy more responsibly and save a little cash?


I designed a mobile interface that allows users to track all their utility bills, allowing them to pay through the app, track and bring awareness to their utility consumption, and help them build healthy habits that will save them some extra money.

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