Why Tidy?

Why knowledge?

Knowledge is the most important resource in the world. Making it easily, sustainably and equitably accessible is what Tidy is about.

A few companies have done a great job with publicly accessible knowledge. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit to name a few. But we are venturing into a new, unchartered world: organizing the knowledge hidden in away in private networks and what the people inside them know.

Tidy connects the dots between the parts of the public internet we frequent, the links we use at work, and anything else we find worth collecting and sharing.

With Tidy you can create, own and navigate your own private web.

Why do we care?

If we do a good job at this, we can ensure that the future, which is already here for some select few, becomes more evenly distributed. By creating sustainable, equitable and accessible knowledge, we promote prosperity and reduce inequality.

Knowledge underpins everything that makes us uniquely human. How to make fire, how to organize into free societies, how to cure infections. Designing using the golden ratio, writing code in clojure, or never losing sight of pizza cat.

Imagine having access to the highest quality knowledge that you possibly could, in the topic interests you. How many cat memes you could create with all that power!


Accessible knowledge: At your fingertips, organized in a way that does the complexity of private networks justice.

Sustainable knowledge: Despite how valuable it is, we waste so much of the knowledge we create. Once written down or learned, we forget where it's saved, who has it, what it was related it. A tragedy that we aren't at least as careful with knowledge as we are with plastic waste.

Equitable knowledge: Knowledge in the hands of the many propels us forward. Gone are the days where Egyptian priests jealously guard the secrets of the Nile. We believe in a future where the right knowledge comes to the most curious people, not just the most priviged.

How Tidy?

The Paradigm Shift

Something big has changed in the last years. Everything important you do on your computer is now behind a link. Enter Tidy. We organize all your links, creating your private internet experience, populated only with that is relevant to you and your colleagues or friends.

Made for humans not machines

Today, all your links look the same - a long string of random letters and numbers - and its hard to keep track of what matters. We're done with that. We want links that we can understand, remember and easily communicate.