The server thumbnail is the small image you see on the server list - this thumbnail can be changed to whatever image you like in the egg settings. This guide will teach you how to navigate there.

Navigate to the thumbnail page

To change the thumbnail, we need to navigate into the egg, and the thumbnail can be configured there. 1) Nests > 2) Choose a nest > 3) Choose an egg > 4) Thumbnail


Hover over the thumbnail image, and now you can change the thumbnail. Once you're finished, press, Publish and your changes will be saved.

Default thumbnail

New thumbnail

What if my image is too big?

As the description suggests, the thumbnail can only be a max size of 500KB. There are several solutions to solving this if your image is too big.

Compression/Optimization services You can use a service for optimizing images. One we highly recommend and regularly use is called TinyPNG. These image services will help you significantly reduce the file size.

Resizing the image The bigger the image (dimension-wise), the bigger the file size. Therefore, resizing the image will significantly reduce the file size. This is recommended if your image can scale down a bit to fit the recommended ratio for a thumbnail. A little colored overlay is on the thumbnails, so a small resize will not significantly lose quality.