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About the author and the project

I’m Vetas Raznostoronniy, Creative Teams Trainer, Mediator, TEDx Speaker, CMO at IKRA Group, Head of the CRAFT methodology center and Guest Teacher at the Higher School of Economics.

Since 2017 I have been developing Creative Happens — think tank incubator. Up until today, more than 15,000 people have completed my programs — it's as if I have trained all the residents of Carmarthen, Inverurie or Pineto cities.


Creativity at practice

Creativity is a skill that can be developed and used by everyone without exception. Anyone can create interesting and meaningful services or products and solve life and work challenges.

You can't just read books, listen to podcasts, chat by the water cooler, and expect your creativity to flourish. It takes daily practice for the habit of «thinking differently» to form and take hold.

All incubator programs are designed with the objective to achieve the highest levels of effectivity represented in the Edgar Dale's learning pyramid, where acquisition of information is maximized.

During our training you will be able to create your own creative project, which will become an important personal achievement and valuable accomplishment shared with other graduates of the incubator.