The best thing is to be surprised by entrepreneurs who have found new spaces, categories and innoventions. If you don’t see your category on this list, don’t let it prevent you from reaching out.

However, there are some trends, categories, and industries that we are drawn towards, due to some combination of experience, interest, or belief. If you see yourself in this page, definitely please do reach out.

Web3 / Crypto / Blockchain / Whatever we call it now

We believe the whole space will go 200x over the next 10-20 years. We believe there will be as many crypto wallets as email addresses. We believe much of the world’s data will move onchain.

We believe we are still very early in the blockchain revolution, and currently are looking in particular for founders who are extremely scrappy, serving crypto-native customers, building infrastructure, or can thrive with a low total number of users.

We believe the value of digital scarce things go up, which benefits companies with unique hardware to create digital assets (Matterport), unique access to hard assets (museum art, collected art), and Unique IP (Disney).

Content, Community, & Commerce

Good things happen when you combine business models. Especially when you find yourself collecting the riches in niches. Al has built one of the finest implementations of content+community+commerce businesses in the world, and we believe there are many more of those out there.


The spreadsheet —> saas migration is not over. Bring on the saas, let’s kick some aass.


We know some things about marketplaces. #1: They’re hard. #2: They’re huge, if good. If you have a marketplace we’d love to learn about it.

DeepTech, Hard Tech, Energy