Power BI does not allow segmented colors on card visuals, which we use to represent KPIs. Therefore, to apply segmented colors, e.g. green for positive and red for negative, you'll need to do this by manually applying 'Color Formatting' and creating a 'Rule'.

We have applied our own rules on a few KPIs (cards), specifically for KPIs represented as percentages, and these will not change automatically when applying themes. Therefore, you will need to change these to your own specific rules.

Grouping Elements & Maintaining Layer Order

It's best practice to re-group your elements together once you have finished your report. For reference, we refer to grouped elements (e.g. visual, text boxes, slicer) as components.

It's also important to ensure that you have applied the 'Maintain Layer Order' feature to each of the elements within your components/navigation bar/slicer panel elements.

Doing so will ensure the ordering of elements stay consistent once published. You can find the 'Maintain Layer Order' toggle under the 'General' section of the visualizations pane once an element is selected.

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