Written by: Vanessa Lin

Edited by: Ping Tsai

Layout by: Catherine Chow

May 23rd. 2021

To the Class of 2021:

As we prepared ourselves for college in the US, our daily lives became somewhat different under the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing a mask 24/7, taking AP exams at midnight, applying to colleges when acceptance rates dropped to an all-time low—we sure had it no easier even when standardized test scores are no longer a critical part of the admission process. Yet, you made it. You survived the countless restless nights spent writing, deleting, and re-writing essays. You finished those AP exams that made you think “why am I still doing this as someone who's graduating in less than a month.”

You did it.

But now, with a spike in COVID-19 cases, our school shut down. A graduation ceremony is no longer an option—we don't even get to say our last good-byes to our beloved teachers and friends, in person. I would not say I am not disappointed, but in the end, we must remember that we are blessed to have a normal high school life till the very end of our journey. While the pandemic compelled people from across the globe to shift to remote working or digital learning, we went to school like we do on any other ordinary day before the outbreak,

took AP exams in person this year, attended our last high school prom, and even went on a graduation trip. Hence, I implore you to spend the remaining months you have in the country wisely: take pictures with your family, deliver messages of gratitude to friends and teachers through social media, or watch that movie you've been waiting on at home. Think: What do I want to do before leaving home for four years? Enjoy yourselves a bit, stay safe at home, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

To My Dearest Underclassmen:

Rising seniors, your work begins now. Over the next few months, you will face the same, or even harsher, senior life. But always remember that the seniors are always within reach. Rising sophomore and juniors, as you start to take more and more APs, please make sure you take part in other activities—you will regret not having the fullest experience of high school when you look back as a senior. Rising freshmen, your journey starts now, don't be afraid to explore or make mistakes—they will only add to your high school experience, but don't do anything too out of hand!


A Senior in High School, Prefrosh in College