This page is for students who are considering having their bachelor's or master's thesis supervised by me. I describe here research fields that are available for selection. Check this page regularly to stay up to date in this regard.

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Available topics

<aside> ♻️ Therapist research: Replication of Meyer et al. (2014) - see below for full reference


<aside> 📉 PROM Implementation Research: Qualitative Study on „Not on Track“ Patients


<aside> 💡 Clinical and statistical prediction of treatment outcome and diagnoses: lens model studies.


Fields of Research

Process and process-outcome research

The goal of research on this topic is to establish certain change processes in psychotherapy as mechanisms. We are following Borsboom's (2021) Theory Construction Methodology and are currently conducting a literature search and preliminary analyses to establish robust phenomena.

Example research questions include:

Further reading

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