One day I was approached by a desk-booking company looking to improve the UI of their dashboard, they also sent me a brief to design their product's 'buildings' dashboard. I will share some of the details of that brief below:

Imagine you’ve recently joined our company as a Product Designer, and have been tasked with converting a wireframe to a hi-fi User Interface. Basically, this will be your role for the next week and we need you to design a user interface on short notice with short-term UX / UI changes completed.

The attached wireframe represents the ‘buildings’ page. The buildings page is used to view all buildings in the company and that by clicking each building it will allow you to manage that particular building. For context, the buildings can have floors, desks, neighborhoods, opening hours, different times zones, etc, but we're unsure if any of that is relevant for this screen, or if any of it is important for the user, if anything.

So we'd like you to figure that out.

Further details in the brief showed they wanted the following:

  1. For me to research UI Design trends in desk booking and similar software.
  2. Convert the Basic wireframe into a beautiful Hi-Fi Design.
  3. Ensure the design matches the current look at feel of the product.
  4. Add any UX suggestions into the design that you feel would improve the workflow.
  5. Document any additional requirements you have added into the design and how you intend to communicate these to both the design & engineering team.
  6. Prepare 5 minute presentation on your design to be presented at design review.

They also had a set few requirements for the brief, like they wanted to: