<aside> 💭 As a founder of a fast-growing startup, you have dozens of decisions, worries and demands at any given time. There's simply not enough time each day. That's why we decided to curate the best resources on scaling and expanding to new markets from around the web to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

The ultimate guide to global expansion is a page that curates tactical and practical advice, lessons, templates, and resources you need to expand your business to new markets.

The guide is created by www.greenhouse.co a startup that helps foreign businesses expand to new markets. Greenhouse is based out of Singapore and is led by Drew Calin. This guide was created by the COO of Greenhouse, Viktor Kyosev and will be updated periodically.

While many of these resources are broadly applicable to any business, the guide's intended audience is startup founders planning to expand their business to Asia, typically from Seed to Series B.


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Table of contents 👇

Within each section, we've highlighted the best pieces at the top. In total, we have 100+ pieces across 3 topics. Enjoy! Note: All content is copyright to their respective owners and are protected under international copyright laws.

🔎 Researching and Validating New Markets

This section covers phase one of your expansion - research in validation. On the basis of helping hundreds of startups to expand around the world we have learned that startups expand differently than non-tech enabled businesses. Since startups can virtually sell their product anywhere around the world, many founders start testing new markets early on. Under this section we have curated content to help you understand how to go through the research and validation phase by learning from other people who have been through that.

We have organized the content on the basis of tags to simplify the information.

Researching and validating new markets content 📚

🚀 Expanding to New Markets

This section is designed as phase two of your international expansion. Once you go through the market research and validation phase it is now time to double down on your learnings and scale fast. We have collected articles and essays from some of the most knowledgeable people to guide your global expansion.