<aside> 📌 From failing to “discover” the Holocaust during WWII to failing to protect the Azovstal defenders, the ICRC has an impressive history of blunders. During WWII, the ICRC admitted to having knowledge of at-the-time ongoing Holocaust. Only after the liberation of the Dachau Concentration camp on April 29, 1945, by the US troops, the world learned of the horrors of the Holocaust.


<aside> 📌 Contemporary ICRC continues not to live up to its own mission. The organization consistently mismanages funds and fails to help the very people they outline in their mission statement: “victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence.” Hence, the ICRC either needs to live up to its own self-defined standards or disband and make way for a more responsible international organization that could fulfill its role.


We present you with a small collection of articles on ICRC’s past failures and transgressions as arguments to support our claim.


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