So there was this video on story blocks that I had watched a while back which spoke about the structure of a story which I found interesting.

So I thought I'll write some notes on it.

As an entrepreneur, marketer, designer - you need people to care about what your saying, especially people who are your target audience. Most people are bombarded with infinite amounts of content every second, and you have to make your story worthy of their attention.

I think this series was mostly focused on storytelling for video content.

Storytelling fundamentally is about how you communicate your ideas.

So Samir and Colin, who have been Youtubers for 10 years share their wisdom about both storytelling and why video is a powerful modality.

They breakdown every story in a video they product to a 3 Act structure.

Act 1 - The Setup

Contextualise what you're going to tell me so that the viewer is hooked till the end.

Act 2 - The Conflict

It is where you take the viewer/listener through the adventure. It is the meat of the story.

Act 3 - The Resolution

It is the point of the story where everything ties together. You give the viewer a release from all the tension that was built up in act 2.

Samir and Colin have figured after 10 years of experimentation that this is the optimal structure for most video content.

Funnily, this seems a lot like the AIDA structure that a lot of people use for writing copy and emails.

Another thing very interesting that I learnt was why video was more powerful for storytelling ?