<aside> 💡 This is a behind-the-scenes look of a chapter I'm writing for my new Gumroad playbook for makers/founders who are looking to build in public


1️⃣ Why do landing pages matter?

In my perspective, landing pages matter 10x more than your actual web or mobile app. A weak landing page destroys any possibility of the user exploring what your product is about. If people don't know exactly what problem you are solving or how your product can help them, they simply won't engage further and you've lost a customer before they even tried your solution. I see so many developer-turned makers give up on building beautiful landing pages that convert which leads to leaving so much money on the table. Don't be that person. In all of my product experiments, I've viewed a landing page as the most important instrument in my tool kit. I hope you do too!

2️⃣ What value do they bring to you?

Most people assume landing pages are meant for elaborate marketing purposes. But as a maker/builder, you can leverage a landing page as your first litmus test to learn whether your idea has any demand or not. The act of sitting down and clearly articulating your idea on a landing page is extremely rewarding. It forces you to gain clarity in your problem statement, identify the main target customer, solidify the core value prop, and communicate in a succinct catchy way.

I always test my ideas with a landing page before building out the fully blown out web/mobile app.


Landing page allows you to learn from what people do, not what they think they'll do:


3️⃣ How I approach building and shipping landing pages?

To me, a great landing page has these 4 key elements:

1) Hook

Hook = a punchy one liner The goal here is captivate people's imagination. Speak directly to your user & use "verbs".

Example 1: Cuppa

Hook: 1-1 virtual coffees ☕️ with top tech talent sourced from Twitter


Example 2: LetterDrop