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Katia, Shane and Alex


Alex and Shane met 5 years ago when they both lived in Hamburg, down the street from each other. They were both volunteering for a workshop to teach programming to refugees, and remained friends since then. They bonded over their love of reading and building products, and now are turning that passion into Beyond. Katia was approached as a business angel and after a longer period of advising and collaborating, ended up joining Alex and Shane as a commercial co-founder.

Shane Neubauer

I'm Shane, born and raised in Australia, but I'm also half Austrian. I moved to Europe in 2015, and have lived here ever since. I love tech, reading, and learning everything I can. I also love to exercise, eat good food, and stay healthy. I'm also a massive music lover — both listening and creating.

Twitter: @sneub

LinkedIn: shaneneubauer

Australian living in Lisbon, Portugal

Katia Yakovleva

I'm Katia, born in the USSR, raised in Kiev (Ukraine), moved to Berlin (Germany) at the age of 15 because of my dad's job. I also lived in Madrid (Spain) for 5 years, where I studied and worked. I'm a passionate networker/connecter and I speak 4 languages fluently. I love learning new things and meeting new people, reading books, especially science fiction. I also love to travel, surf, and go to music festivals.