We have a new page editor. It's like the old one but way better. It's all pretty intuitive, but below is an outline of basic functionality and things you should be aware of.

Note on the Legacy editor vs the New editor

The old editor ("Legacy") remains. You can choose to continue using that or use the New one.


<aside> 💡 While pages can be edited in either of the editors, we suggest making a clean switch to the New editor to avoid complications.


The New Editor Overview

To use the new editor, create a new page or edit an old one and click Open the Page Editor (New). This style of page editor will be familiar. All controls are in at the top under dropdown menus and as two rows of icons (you can hover on the icons to view their function).


<aside> 💡 The default font and size of the editor matches your site's defaults. For branding and consistency, we suggest not changing these.


Creating Headers

Adding a Text Link