<aside> 💡 Oct 5th, 2020


My interpretation of a quote I came across "The moments we do not remember, we do not exist in"

Knowing that I don't exist in moments that I won't remember, why should I continue to indulge in such activities?

I don't remember much of my life. According to Depth Psychology, recollecting the past is my child cognitive function meaning that my brain is wired to be weak at remembering memories.

I am looking back to this morning where I woke up and watch around 1 or 2 hours of mindless YouTube. I barely remember what I watched (only 2 hours after) and doubt I will remember it after a day.

Why do I still do this if I invest so much of my time doing something that I know I will forget. YouTube and similar activities are escapes from reality- they are pastimes that take away from our existence, having the opportunity cost of your time in life.

It's kinda crazy to think about how much mindless stuff people indulge in these days. Hours on their phones yet we probably retain a fraction of this in our memories. Rationally, it seems meaningless to continue partaking in things I would not remember. Why would I if the time will dissapear in the future.

How can I remember more. To exist more. Maybe thats a good metric for pursuits in life? Do things that you will remember? Maybe reframing it in the opposite way is better. Don't do things you know will take away from your existence in reality.

If we graph fulfilment and happiness with existence in reality, I think it would be a positive correlation. Those who are in pain and miserable typically try to escape reality, not existing in the moment. Those who are happier will have more experiences that they remember, and pursue things that further build their existence.

The end takeaway I got is to stop partaking from escape reality activites and start embracing life and the time I have left existing.

Practice mindfulness. Be in the present.


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