Building a new industry giant is all about having the right people 🚀

At Medusa, we take the people aspect seriously and therefore goes into great debt to make sure we get the best people - and to make sure we are the right fit for you! Our approach for this is outlined below

Round 1: Initial chat (~30 min)

Our first chat is meant for both of us to get to know each other. We will tell you a bit about Medusa, or product and why we think what we are building here is awesome. Likewise we expect you to tell us a bit more about your background, competencies and interest in the role.

Round 2: First interview (~60 min)

We will go into more depth on expectations for the role and how it fits with your competencies and experiences. This interview also gives you a good opportunity to ask follow-up questions regarding Medusa, the role or other sudden existential questions that have come to mind.

Round 3: Technical/case interview (~60 min)

Time to get your hands dirty. Based on the role, we will have prepared a case to get an understanding of how you would approach a specific problem within the domain of the role. The case will be given to you on the day of the interview; no preparation is required beforehand

Round 4: Final interview (~45 min)

In the last round, we will open the floor (💃🕺) for a bit more open discussion on whether you and we both feel the connection. We will cover any remaining questions that you or we would have based on the previous rounds.

Getting the offer

If we are both feel the connection, we will take a last chat to discuss the contractual details, starting date and related. Immediately after, you will receive an invite for our (virtual) Friday Bar to celebrate and present you to the full team! 🥂