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Click here to see the most update high level concept: https://garysbrain.notion.site/Web3-This-is-Hope-Documentary-Overview-39283fbd040446b1adc48de503dd1952


<aside> 💡 STATUS: Design phase - many things in this document will evolve!

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Last updated: 2022-03-20


The Gist ℹ️

What is the thing being designed? 🎨

  1. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit impact DAO (name TBD, so for the purpose of this documented called “the DAO”), whose mission is to...
    1. Define, nurture, and evangelize the regenerative web3 movement through world-class storytelling (e.g. documentaries, short form videos, books, etc)
    2. Recruit millions of people in the U.S. and beyond to become supporters of web3
  2. A documentary that seeds the DAO, called “This is It”, about:

In the long-term, ”This is It” will be only the first of many storying telling initiatives of the DAO. The DAO will decide which media projects to create and fund, and the project creators will fully own the IP.

<aside> 💡 A detailed design document about the documentary can be found here:

“This is It” Documentary Design


The “This is It” deck:


Why do we need a Greenpill movement? We have a once in a century opportunity right now to show the world that web3 is not just a force for good, it is essential to human and planetary flourishing in this decade and beyond. If we don’t seize this opportunity, crypto won’t realize its unprecedented potential to build the beautiful, solarpunk future we know is possible.

What happens in the documentary? The documentary will aim at people’s hearts: to their own yearning for meaning and higher purpose, to profile the heartfelt stories of individuals engaging in the regenerative web3 movement and values, to speak to our innate desire to grow and self-actualize, and to communicate in an extremely simple and entertaining way what web3 is and what possibilities it holds. Through soulful storyingtelling, we will greenpill cultural and political leaders, and consequentially the world.

What does it mean to be Greenpilled? 🤔💚💊

It means that you buy into the fact that web3 and other emerging technologies are essential to regenerate the world, and that it is worth it for you to [publicly] commit to using your superpowers to enable the tech and people-powered regenerative renaissance. It means that you believe in the possibility of united humanity coordinating across borders to address impediments to human and planetary flourishing. It means you believe that a far more beautiful world is possible. It means you believe in visions like this.

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