So this is what happened to me.

I found myself in this situation, where I was unable to say for sure, if this was waking or dreaming. In other words, I realized that when I dream, I feel myself to be awake, with a life, and a world around me. I realized that all of that came out of me, and that in my dream, all there was, was me.

But in the so called waking state, which I used to treat as real, it was the same situation. There was no essential difference, for only after “waking” does the “dream” become a “dream”, for before the waking, it was itself waking. It is termed a dream, only upon the knowledge of it’s non-existence comes into being, which is itself called waking up from the dream.

So when I realized that nothing around me was dependable in the search for the truth, I became single minded in my mission. It became completely and utterly clear to me that no other pursuit could be of more importance.

After all, how does one continue to live in a simulation, once one finds out it is itself suspect? Without definite proof, it is faith based living. Faith in that there is some meaning to this, faith that there is a purpose, faith that all this exists in some divine sort of way, and that we are perhaps part of something greater.

But we don’t know.

And I was a rational being.

And I had to know, to find out. What else could be more relevant to the one who seeks Reality?

What is Real?

So after seeking for a short time, I stopped dead in my tracks. When one become focused on something, one does not become unfocused. Otherwise, one has never become focused.