Absolutely essential: The job search can be very tedious despite the demand for software developers, and there's a lot of conflicting advice. Gergely cuts through all the noise with detailed explanations on how to proceed with every aspect of resume writing and looking for jobs that remove all of the decision fatigue from the process and dispels a lot of common misbeliefs along the way. Literally every single software developer from every experience level should have this on their bookshelf. ...more

Firstly, the book covers all the tiny details that I would’ve never bothered pointing out in my resume before. Even though I always go through engineers’ resumes to see if I can improve mine, they only get me more confused since I have no direction in what could possibly improve my resume.

Secondly, I like that the book cover topics with how things work at the recruitment side. I, as a candidate, would have never known what goes behind the scenes in the hiring process. Furthermore, I believe that ...more

Solid and realistic advice, concisely written. I like how clear he is about what the resume is for. He even acknowledges that the current hiring system for most companies is kinda broken and offers ideas at the end for how to improve it. In the meantime, though, you have to play the game, and this book helps you get the best shot at it. Everything is backed up with information from actual tech recruiters and hiring managers. He knows what he's talking about. ...more

A comprehensive guide to writing great resume for software engineers and other techie roles. Gergely explained the recruitment process in details from the recruiting-side point of view. He also emphasizes that the goal of the resume is to get the foot in the door (i.e. getting the interview), and that we should optimize for that. Gergely also gives lots of before-after examples on how a resume is refactored, showing how a typical resume can be transformed into a great resume. Overall, this book ...more

Disclaimer: I was given a complementary copy to give feedback on but was not asked to write any sort of review.

In short, if you're a tech employee having trouble landing an interview then I recommend this book. It goes pretty well in depth on formatting and content decisions with lots of examples.

However, it's 4 stars because there are some typos or weird phrases in the book and the pdf itself doesn't seem laid out as good as it should be. ...more