The Developers on the team have more than 20 years of experience in heavy traffic applications, fintech, agtech, advertisement and consumer applications, movies and games. We have experience in Crypto trading and have been following and participating in the Cardano ecosystem for the last couple of years.

The artists, designers and creative minds on the team have vast experience in Movies, Short Films, Television and Advertising. All of our art and design is produced and owned by the creators, crafted with high quality and great content in mind. All of the unique pieces created thru the expansion of the MechVerse will be available to collect as NFT artifacts.

At the moment we have chosen to stay anonymous for various reasons but some of us do plan to reveal our real identities, while others might choose to keep their real identities private. We are three cofounders supported by a team of talented contractors.




Creator by nature, Bolt has worked in multiple fields as a Graphic Designer, Writer and Software Engineer. Has worked for more than 12 years in Large Organizations (From Multinational Advertisement agencies to Silicon Valley Unicorns and Forbes 500 Companies) leading Engineering and Creative teams to deliver high quality and scalable products.

The Armorer



Passionate about storytelling and visual development, director of films and animation, with more than ten years in different entertainment industries such as TV, advertisement, and feature films as director, 3D artist and creative.

Cosmic Void