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Founding Team

Rajiv, Tim and Bernat met at Yahoo after their companies were acquired. There, they scaled applications for millions of users. Later, they joined forces to work on a cryptocurrency tracker. Bernat and Tim had kids, which led to working from home more. Frustrated with lack of flow, the team built a prototype that later became Tandem.

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Rajiv Ayyangar (CEO)


A maniacal prioritizer, Rajiv was a PM at Delectable (acquired by Vinous). Previously, he was a Data Scientist at Aviate (acquired by Yahoo). He majored in Chemical Engineering at Princeton.

You can find him rock climbing 🧗🏾‍♂️by day, playing some Bach 🎹 in the afternoon, or blind tasting wines 🍷by night.


Tim Su (CTO)


Tim previously founded Astrid (acquired by Yahoo). Director of Engineering at Yahoo. Early employee at Palantir. He studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford.

You can find him walking downtown MV with his wife and daughter 👨‍👩‍👧 when he's not exploring in a remote corner of the world ✈️.


Bernat Fortet (CDO)


Bernat is a design unicorn 🦄. He worked at Yahoo after Aviate was acquired (founding member). Before that, he designed video games for millions of children. He studied Interactive Design in Barcelona.

You can find him in a chill garden in SF with his son and wife 👪. Or, trying to shred in the cold waters of Nor Cal 🏄‍♂️