Create Fun Homepages. All With The Higher Vibe Search For Great Vibes / Bettering Humanity

Core Feature: Top Vibe of the day

When someone makes the change for good, it’s easy.

Why Search:

From search you can birth so much more.

As the leading example, Google search has 1 billion users, and the confederation of startups built on the back of this is valued at $2,000 billion dollars.

That’s $2,000 per search user, and that number is not slowing down.

We believe, as we enter an age where creating tech products becomes more easier and easier our company can eventually break past this LTV, but first we are dedicated to becoming the best search engine on the market.

Once super-apps get big enough, they make their own phone. Especially philosophy based super-ecosystems that can essentially view other apps outside of that rule based ecosystem as terrible.

Design Inspiration:

Brand it cool and make it have sweet animations (create the dopamine search)


Maybe WebGL animations that make it awesome.

Potential Applications:

Potential Slogans:

The search for the best vibes

The search for better vibes