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1. Lower Levels of Cognitive Learning

According to the paper published by Benjamin Bloom in 1956, the complete cognitive functioning in learning must include six core elements. First, Memorization which is remembering and recalling names, and labels. Secondly, Comprehension, understanding how a concept works and being able to explain it beyond the mere vocabulary we initially memorized. Third is Application, which is applying the concept that we understand in a real-life situation. Above are the first three stages of Bloom's Taxonomy. Furthermore, up until Application, we have completed the lowest half of the cognitive levels.


2. Higher Levels of Cognitive Learning

Next, we are going to deepen our learning by entering the higher order thinking realm following with Analysis. Analysis consists of breaking down ideas or objects into smaller components, drawing connections and finding evidence to support generalizations. Next, Evaluation is rejecting or defending a stand or decision based on Analysis. Finally, at the highest level is Creation, which is an individual being able to produce a new idea or object by compiling components in a creative and innovative way. Kritik focuses on strengthening students' higher order of thinking skills (HOTS), also referred to as critical thinking skills.

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