Role of the FDD Workstream

Gitcoin(DAO) is a catalyst that transforms capital into impact.

The mandate of this stream is to defend Gitcoin (Grants & DAO) from any threats to its legitimacy, credible neutrality, and sustainability.

Two Categories of Serving Our Mandate

We see two broad categories of how the FDD workstream has served this mandate during Q3.

  1. Defense - Anti-sybil, grant policy, user policy, policy enforcement, and research.
  2. DAO Support - Internal stream operations, financial & structural support

In August 2021 before the first budget proposal was passed, we began developing our structure on Notion & Discord. These became our primary tools for asynchronous & synchronous communications respectively.

As the workstreams developed, FDD needed to quickly create a structure that would provide contributors in critical functions the ability to participate. GR11 was only weeks away and grant rounds depend on many of the defense functions of the FDD.

We made it easy for contributors to participate in FDD in these ways:

A core competency which has emerged is the ability to quickly structure, train, and scale functional working groups. This function firmly fits within our mandate as the sustainability of GitcoinDAO is dependent on filling functional gaps, ensuring a positive contributor experience, and maximizing the evolutionary experiments which will help us find positive sum collaboration mechanisms.

The DAO Support function of FDD

The DAO support work came from other streams adopting our processes. This has been critical for jump starting DAO contributors, providing a better user experience, and aligning shared systems across the DAO. These contributions included: