Our Principles

Async first

Working asynchronously also means you don’t need to wait for other people to assign you work. There will always be a backlog of work and if there isn’t you should use your better judgment and pick up whatever you think has the most impact/benefit. If there isn’t any work planned you should bring it up with your Product Manager, there should always be a plan.

As all work should be written down in issues, if you’re doing something out of your own volition and no one shared a spec (tech or product) with you, then create an issue for it before you get going.

Working async first also means:

🎢 Workflow

We use Kanban (看板) (signboard or billboard in Japanese) to work. Think of it as pipeline process flowing from left to right, from concept to execution.

This workflow focuses on keeping things simple and nimble so when in doubt, take action and choose the simplest option.

We use Linear for our development workflow: